Best Travel Accessories For 2022

Best Travel Accessories For 2022

Posted on November 10, 2022

Travel is great on its own, but something that really elevates your travel experience is some great gear.

There’s travel clothes, travel accessories, travel tech and travel things you may never have even thought existed. For example, did you ever consider bringing your coffee equipment in your duffel bag when you go away for a while?

What about a black-out travel mask for sleeping on long flights? What about travel clothes that still look great after they’ve been folded up and pressed into a packing cube?

Travel is a time when you have everything you need right in your backpack or suitcase, but you have to make some decisions on what the best type of travel gear for every trip is going to be.

Travel organization: Packing cubes

The primary uses for packing cubes are to compress your clothes and help to keep things separate in your luggage.

If you’re trying to save space in your bag or suitcase, packing cubes can pack down your clothes to be as compact and small as possible.

Packing away your things in packing cubes also makes it easy to pack, rearrange and find things in your bag. Instead of digging through a pile of clothes to find one item at the bottom of your bag, you can take out the one or two packing cubes that contain your clothes.

Travel accessories and products for fitness on a trip

If you’re like us, you’ll want to engage in some sort of fitness during your trip in order to not turn into a potato.

We like to stay somewhat active so that we can feel better about some of the choices we make while we’re away! I’ve even run some marathons and half marathons while traveling (that’s on the extreme end of things I like to do in order to stay fit while away from home).

Our activity levels and types of exercise may vary depending on where we are and what the weather is like. Our default activity is to go for a run or maybe something easy like a nice long walk. (Did you know that long walks can burn almost as many calories, per mile, as running?)

We’ve had friends go as far as to travel with certain fitness equipment in order to keep up some of their strength while they are away from home.

Travel accessories for working remotely

You might know that we have worked remotely and traveled through many countries, from East Asia to South America. We really enjoy that remote work can be done while traveling and we’ve come up with lots of tips for working remotely in cities around the world.

Nevertheless, working remotely from places, whether another state or another continent with a whole new timezone, can be daunting.

Trust us, though, if you go through the recommendations below, you will have a great remote work setup that can be packed up, travel-sized and mobile. All it takes is some preparation and some good expectations, and you’ll be ready for success.


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